Lay Down Our Greed
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Lay Down Our Greed

Yesterday, torn between a need for action and being weighted with an overwhelming inability to move, I started The Tomorrow War hoping for relief. In the opening minutes a young women stood, centered before tiered seats, asking for her parents, grandparent, aunts and uncles, to take action now to save the future. Pleading, on behalf of the children of humanity, for world governments to work together against a common enemy.

If Greta Thunberg had stood before the UN asking for weapons and fighters to lay down their lives, would decisive action have been taken?

We have been asked, not to lay down our lives, but our greed. Climate change demands we set aside our quest for more, to be bigger and better than, and be of service to one another. To share. To support not those who pillage resources, but those who nourish our bodies and minds. To value service and reward those who care.

COVID taught us who we rely on: healthcare, front line workers, education, social workers, delivery people, service workers. When everything is locked down, these are the people still working. People serving people. The economy of the future is built by valuing service.

We can shift from our labour reducing, consumer economy to a service driven economy.

Healthcare, right now, is a cost. Corporate and government budgets are structured to reduce the drain of healthcare costs.  Shift to a service economy and money spent on healthcare is an investment. Forward thinking corporations and governments supporting healthcare with investment, leading the move from a consumer driven economy to a service economy, will reap the benefits.

Right now, people are suffering in long term care homes and hospitals. Our grandparents, our parents. We can relieve their suffering. Invest in the services they need to live with dignity.

Right now, people are dying from a toxic drug crisis. Our friends, our neighbors. Our children. We can save them. Invest now in the services they need to stay clean, stay alive.

We have the opportunity, right now, to begin the shift. We can start now. Saving lives now.

Healthcare can be the heart of our new economy.

Support government investing our money on the services we value.

A small dog, with one paw on an outstretched leg, looks up, hopefully.
A small dog, looks up, hopefully.

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