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The Person

Wendy Hayko is a politician and an emerging Canadian fiction author.

A strong supporter of the BC Greens, Wendy ran as their candidate in the 2022 by-election in Vancouver-Quilchena. In May of 2023 Wendy stepped forward again seeking to become the BC Green party candidate for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant.

Learn about the Nomination Contest at https://www.bcgreens.ca/East_Van

Wendy loves to travel around beautiful BC and across Canada , often finding inspiration for the short stories and novels she writes.

Wendy writes from wherever she is; home in Vancouver or on the road with her dog, parrot and cat.

A dilute calico looks down from the last step to the grass below

About wendy the Writer

The Start

Wendy has been scribbling ever since she can remember.

In grade four her story Wild Stallions was selected as the best story of the semester, made into a poster and put up on the classroom wall for parent teacher night.

While having her work up on the wall was amazing, it was the teacher's comments Wendy treasured. Right there, in writing, was her first reader feedback. She kept that journal, moving from house to house across the country and back.

Reader response is the heart and soul of story writing, there is little else so nourishing to a writer's soul.


Wendy writes short stories and is working on a novel.

Most of the stories are about people (instead of horses), some are about aliens.

The stories happen in contemporary Canadian setting, unless they happen in an entirely made up place in a distant time or possibly in distant, imaginary, galaxies.

In 2017 Wendy won the WCDR Ann Weisgarber Scholarship for her short story Killer Vacation.  Wendy's first published short story (since that classroom wall way back when), Legless, is now available in Legacy: A One-Shot Anthology of Speculative Fiction.

Legless is the closing story in the book. You can read the anthology here:

Grade school journal page titled Wild Stallions marked up with red ink and the comment Excellent Writing Wendy
Head and shoulders shot of Wendy Hayko in 1979

Since 1978